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2000 years of Historical Grand Prix

1928 - 2008: 80th anniversary

The venue in Tunisia of motor cars races dates back to the ancient period. Indeed this land hosted epic events fought by tough competitors from various teams or stables.


Today Grand Prix finds therefore its roots in these floats races represented in a great number of mosaics to be admired in Tunisian museums or archeological sites and they are the living memory of those days.


The laurel crown handed over to the winner, the well delimited track and the public for whom the games are organized have hardly changed for nearly 2000 years.


Between 1920 and the late 50 ies, important international events took place on the African ground. History will retain rightly Tunisia Grand Prix as much for the important participation and the cars performance as for the presence of famous racing drivers.

The First Tunisia Grand Prix
The Second Tunisia Grand Prix
The Third Tunisia Grand Prix
The Fourth Tunisia Grand Prix
The Fifth Tunisia Grand Prix
The Sixth Tunisia Grand Prix
The Seventh Tunisia Grand Prix
The eighth Tunisia Grand Prix
The ninth Tunisia Grand Prix

On November 7, 2001 Tunisia Grand Prix was back, and became Tunis Historical Grand Prix. A Historical Grand Prix is an event requiring two performances. The cars taking part in the race are at the same time racing rockets and historic vehicles. The list of thoroughbreds is known by all motor race fanatics. The eligible cars taking part in the race should be in compliance with strict criteria.


Brand names, epitomes, as well as variants and versions are the most important subject matter raised time and again at each Tunis Grand Prix gathering.


It was resumed in the first place on the urban track of Les Berges du lac , Tunis, the Historical Grand Prix joined- in its second edition -the Belvedere mythic circuit, where in 1955 took place the last Tunis Grand Prix.


Tunis Historical Grand Prix is one of the kind in the world. A circuit in the middle of a huge garden with unimpeded views of Tunis, its Medina and the surrounding areas, it is but one among the specificities of this Grand Prix.
The beauty of the site is so breathtaking that drivers are subject to moments of carelessness when reaching the top of the Belvedere hill. Pure air added to the dazzling sight turn this circuit into a unique attraction.


This panorama-Belvedere is named after it- would be a reference comparable to the Senna bend in Monza or Gilles Villeneuve curve in Imola.


Winners :

  • 1928 Marcel Lehoux / Bugatti Type 35 C
  • 1929 Gaston Brilli-Peri / Alfa Romeo P2
  • 1930 Achille Varzy / Bugatti Type 51 C
  • 1932 Achille Varzy / Bugatti Type 51 C
  • 1933 Tazio Nuvolari / Alfa Romeo 8C
  • 1935 Achille Varzy / Auto-Union Type B
  • 1936 Rudolf Caracciolo / Mercedes W25K
  • 1937 Raymond Sommer / Talbot T 150C
  • 1955 Luigi Pitti / Ferrari Monza
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